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What Drove Ether Prices in 2016

The past 12 months marked a dynamic period for the price of ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency of the ethereum network. Ether markets experienced sharp price fluctuations over the course of 2016. The digital currency surged more than 2,000% within the first six months, rising from an opening price of $0.93 to roughly $21.50 by mid-June before losing much of these gains during the latter part of the year...

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I Want the Truth: Could Blockchain Stop Online News Distortion?

That's a quote a friend says he saw in the news once, though I can't find it. He swears he didn't make it up. But it's not out there on the Internet it seems, and if it is, it's lost in the millions of tweets, texts and tumblrs. That's the way the truth is these days, lost in the pages upon pages upon pages...

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Bitcoin Price Surge Continues, Passes $900 to Approach 3-Year High

Bitcoin prices have shot past $900, the latest move in a week of dramatic market increases. The digital currency’s price peaked at $911.99, according to data from the CoinDesk USD Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). Prices haven’t exceeded the $900 level since mid-January 2014, BPI data shows...

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